Keeping your dog cool in the summer

Whilst writing this, we have had a couple of real scorching days. The good ol' British weather has decided to stop raining and instantly give us heat with no intermediate weather.

When I'm not making lovely dog skin and hair care products, I am a dog walker. I take my clients' dogs to a secure field and let them run off lead, play and mooch about before taking them home tired and fulfilled.

So in this weather I have had to make an earlier start. It's so much better to take our dogs out in the cool of the morning or evening. The pavements aren't so hot at those times which is great for their paws. Did you know you can do a test to see if pavements are too hot for your pooch? Just put the BACK of your hand on the pavement, if you can't hold it on there for 5 seconds, then your dog shouldn't be walking on it.

My dogs have had lots of fun playing in the paddling pools and we always make sure there is plenty of fresh, cool drinking water available.

There are some great products on the market to help cool down dogs too. Cool mats are wonderful and I put them in my van for each dog to lay on (whilst running the air con too). We are all chilled, relaxed, comfortable and happy.

There are vests you can dampen down and put on a dog. Dogs really prone to over heating would benefit from these.

If you need to leave your dog alone at home on a hot day, why not draw the curtains and make sure at least one room is cool and shady so that they can retire in that room in comfort.

It makes me so sad when you hear of dogs being left in hot cars. Even leaving them in a car on a hot day with the window down a crack isn't enough to keep your dog cool. It doesn't take long at all for them to overheat. So if you can't take your dog out of the car with you, then leave them at home, even if it means getting someone to pop in on them. At least they'll be safe.

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