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Providing you with luxurious dog soap and looking after the environment at the same time

You’ve just found the most popular Dog Soap Store in Bristol! 
At Pampered Poochy, we’re all about old school service and state-of-the-art merchandise. We have researched what we feel are the best ingredients to give your dog a lovely bubbly bathtime experience. 
All of our soaps are made with 100% coconut oil. Rich in anti-oxidants and a reputed anti-inflammatory, its used in many areas of human and dog skin care.
We only use dog friendly, natural essential oils. No fragrance oils are used as these are chemical, man made scents. Our products are SLS, SLES, paraben and palm oil free and thats the way we intend to stay.
No animals are used for testing for any of our products or ingredients. 
We use recyclable and biodegradable packaging to reduce waste and because we proudly do not use plastic bottles or packaging, we like to think of ourselves as helping the planet by steering our customers to think the same way.  Our soaps suit all breeds.  We have it on great authority from the groomers that use our products.
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Quality Products, Competitive Prices

We go all out to provide our customers with the best products at competitive prices. Search all the products we have on this site to find the perfect gift for your pooch.  
You will be astounded by the lather created by our soap. It matches any dog shampoo for bubbles, but its better because it's longer lasting (make sure you keep it dry between uses) and there's no plastic involved, so you won't harm the environment!
We use 100% coconut oil in every bar, which is great for cleansing even the dirtiest, greasiest fur baby. We use no chemicals in order for our product to gently clean a dog's hair and skin.



Hi, I'm Donna and I am the proud Founder of Pampered Poochy. 

Lockdown 2020 in March gave me the chance to develop an existing hobby. I made soap for humans (friends and family) and it was something that I found relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable. Any soaper will tell you how addictive it is. There's always a new design challenge, a new recipe or piece of soap making equipment you want to try out. 

The job I couldn't do because of lockdown was dog walking. I've had my own dog walking company since 2003. I'd produced dog care products before, when I made gifts for my client's dogs. So now I had time on my hands I felt it was time to put this knowledge into practice, combine my two passions of dogs and crafts and do a bit more research in order to develop a great new dog soap.  

Pampered Poochy was established in 2020 with one mission: to bring a high-quality, all natural Dog Soap product to the UK, whilst reducing plastic usage to the World. My passion for excellence inspired me in the beginning and continues to drive me today. I pride myself on producing a high quality product, at a reasonable cost, using recyclable packaging and vegan friendly, palm oil free, chemical free, natural ingredients.  



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